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Make enrolling in benefits simple with Kenz that assists your employees at every step during plan election with decision-support tools.

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Employee Benefits Enrollment Software
That Empowers Your Workforce

Enrolling in benefits shouldn’t take days for your employees. The process needs to be simple and your employees should have relevant information and self-service options to choose and manage benefits that suit their lifestyle most. Our benefits enrollment platform supports your employees in their enrollment journey at each step by providing smart suggestions so they don’t have to rely on any administrator to manage it. Kenz explains benefits coverage options clearly and keep your employee updated about the company policies or options available for them so they can adjust their plans based on their life events. Book a free demo of our online benefits enrollment tool to learn how it can help you reduce the costs and efforts required for benefits enrollment and administration.

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Features That Simplifies Benefits Enrollment

Kenz comes with useful features that streamline benefits enrollment and eliminate manual processes.

Fast Career Connections

Our 3D EDI tool connects you to 100+ careers present in our network in just a few weeks, so you can exchange employee enrollment information in a secure and reliable manner.

Unlimited Configurations

The Flexi integrator capabilities of our platform provide you support for adding new careers, services, and offerings that are not part of our benefits network.

Decision Support

Employees get side-by-side recommendations, comparisons, and summaries of different plans while making elections via our benefits enrollment platform.

Employee Self Service

Employees can select and modify their plans themselves via our web-based benefits enrollment software making the entire process painless and easy.

Life Events

Life event updates can be made without any hassle in our benefits enrollment tool. The updated information is also sent automatically by the system across the career network for plan changes.

Mobile Access

View, edit, and customize benefits plans via our mobile app anytime, anywhere. Regular updates about plan changes and new regulations can be sent via the app also.

Benefits Administration Technology
Built for The Modern Enterprises

Why Choose Kenz ?

We offer the necessary tools and support that simplify benefits selection for your workforce

Simplified Enrollment

Enrolling in benefits is simpler and easier with Kenz benefits enrollment platform Our tool guides your employees at every step with decision support tools and personalized suggestions.

Automatic Eligibility Match

Employees will be presented with the benefits options that they are only eligible for. This makes enrollment painless. Employees can see plan rules, benefit, and eligibility details clearly and compare against other plans to find the best match.

Automated Workflow

Set up workflows that are repeatable, scalable, and flexible without wasting your time and energy for benefits enrollment and administration.


Manage every aspect of benefits administration with configurable dashboards. Quickly add new plans, employees, careers, and providers using the Flexi integrator capabilities of our solution.

Smart Data Insights

Monitor and analyze key metrics, recognize trends and make intelligent, data-backed changes in benefits plan offerings based on such insights.

We Offer Much More Than Just Benefits!

Kenz is a one-stop platform for all your workforce needs.
From HR to payroll, benefits to compliance - our platform takes care of all, allowing you to focus on the critical tasks.


Core HR

Streamline and automate your workforce management tasks from employee hiring, onboarding, management to retention - one tool for all HR tasks.

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Full-Service Payroll

Run payroll in minutes with zero errors. Automatic tax calculations, deductions, compliance, reporting, and more.

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EDI Support

Send enrollment changes information across health insurance carrier networks in an automated, secure, and compliant manner.

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Our Client Speaks

Kenz is an excellent HR and benefits solution that simplifies our daily workforce management tasks.

Erik Zak


Managing teams with Kenz is easy as “zip, zap and done.” It has mind-blowing features for HR, payroll, and benefits administration.

Brett Knowles


Kenz lets us deliver a consumer-driven employee experience across the organization. It’s easy to set up and improves team collaboration and productivity greatly.

Jacob Smith

United Kingdom

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