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Build a Happier Workplace and Deliver Benefits Your Employees Really care with Kenz benefits enrollment software.

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Benefits Enrollment & Administration Made Simple

Kenz simplifies your Benefits search and lets you deliver perks your employees love every day.

Simplified Open Enrollment

Make enrolling for benefits easier for employees with a benefits enrollment platform that assists them at every step. Kenz explains coverage options and provide plan comparisons to employees so they don’t need to depend upon an administrator to manage it for them.

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Multiple Benefits Support

Provide multiple benefits ( health, commuter, retirement, and more) with our modern employee benefits software. Eliminate manual tasks, get life events updates and manage change requests easily.

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Benefits Compliance

Stay on top of compliance with our benefits enrollment software. Provide proper coverage to employees while we handle the nitty-gritty of ACA, IRS, HIPAA, COBRA for you.


Carrier Connectivity

Transmit important benefits and health data of your employees to multiple carriers seamlessly via our benefits management software.


Access Benefits Anytime, Anywhere

Employees can make open enrollment elections and manage benefits directly from our app anytime, anywhere.


Employee Benefits Analytics

Analyze the effectiveness of your benefits packages (e.g., plan popularity, cost saving options, etc.) through analytics tools present in our software.

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What Makes Us Stand Out

Kenz simplifies your Benefits search and lets you deliver perks your employees love every day.


Truly Unified

Our entire platform is natively built, so any changes you made in payroll or benefits - syncs with the rest of the Kenz HR platform.


Mobile Support

Our all-new, user-friendly app enables your employees to set up and manage their benefits plans anytime, anywhere in a few clicks.


Breeze - The Self-Build Tool

A powerful self-onboarding tool that makes brokers or employers register on the platform quickly with real-time guidance and data verification capabilities.


Superior Employee Experience

Our easy-to-use HR tools deliver perks and benefits your employees truly desire - helping you boost engagement and productivity at the workplace.


Brokers can select any combination of the solutions listed below to help expand on and complement their offering

Add-on Capabilities of
Our Benefits Management Software


Tired of making manual changes. No more! Embrace, EDI for automated smart workflows. Send enrollment change details to insurance carriers in an automated way to avoid any data errors.


Lets our experts perform the heavy lifting for you. Get personalized plan suggestions for successful open enrollment.


Working with multiple insurance carriers is tedious. No worries! Let us manage it for you. We have fostered secure, data-sharing relationships with more than 140+ insurance carriers.


Customer Stories

Edtech Company Simplified Benefits Administration with Kenz

“Kenz ’s intuitive user interface with stunning benefits administration capabilities impresses us the most”

- HR Manager, Edtech Company
Frequently Asked Questions

Here are some common questions that our customers ask before they start using Kenz Ben Admin

Yes, our Ben Admin tool comes with powerful reporting and analytics capabilities to assist employers in choosing benefits plans their employees truly desire. Kenz analytics tools also compare coverage costs year on year in your business to identify cost-saving opportunities.

Kenz comes with powerful decision support tools that offer plan comparisons and recommendations for employees during the election.

It usually takes around 3 to 4 weeks to fully integrate our ben admin tool in your business.

We have two setup options: self-onboarding (Breeze) and a dedicated team support model, under which a group of experts provides implementation support based on your unique business needs.

Kenz Ben Admin pricing varies depending upon your company size and unique needs. Contact our sales team at (+1) 510-404-8049 to receive an exact price quote within 24 hours. You can also visit our pricing page for more details.

Kenz Ben Admin adhere to all the regulatory frameworks and legislative measures related to health and benefits enrollment data transfer and maintenance.

Yes, you can customize benefits plans with filters like department, location, rate structure, as well as, set custom life event rules.

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What Clients Say About Our Employee Benefits Solution

With Kenz , we’re able to choose the best benefits plans for our employees and business. It is truly a cost-effective and compliant solution.

Erik Zak


We are close to saving around $40,000 by switching to Kenz HRIS this year.

Brett Knowles


Managing Teams is simple using Kenz HRIS The support they offer is brilliant.

Jacob Smith

United Kingdom

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