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Send benefits enrollment data changes to insurance carriers in a fast, secure and compliant manner using Kenz , the complete EDI solution.

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Boost Productivity and Avoid Manual Data Entry
Errors with Powerful EDI Solution

Career Connectivity

Share employee benefits enrollment data securely and in real-time with careers.

Automated workflows

Avoid manual data entry errors with smart EDI fields for accurate records

Benefits Compliance

Transfer benefits enrollment data to carriers, meeting industry-specific compliance standards.

Powerful Capabilities of our
Smart EDI Solution

Career Setup

Manage multiple careers without any hassle. The dynamic setup wizard lets you connect with multiple carriers with support for X12-834, Flatfile, CSV, and XLS file formats.


File Transmission

Transfer enrollment data to multiple carriers in line with industry-specific transmission standards. You can review EDI files, check the file type, and define specific business rules per transaction.


Audit Reports

Get a detailed summary of all your EDI transactions with data-rich, on-demand reports. Reporting made simple! Apply filters like Broker/Group/Date for advanced search.


Auto Scheduler

Automatically extracts your benefits data and transmits it to your carrier partners as per the schedule set by your carrier or you. Once you set the transmission frequency to daily/weekly/monthly, you don’t have to worry about “missed enrollments” at all.


Data Validation

Validate and apply filters on multiple fields to ensure the entry of accurate information without any errors. Adding, updating, or removing various data fields is possible with complete ease.


Effortless Compliance

Comply with industry-specific standards (like HIPAA 5010 and its variations) while exchanging sensitive data. Our EDI solution also supports proprietary carrier formats.


What Makes Our EDI Solution
Unique From Others

  • manageAutomated Data Transfer of Employee Benefit Elections to Carriers
  • manageBoost HR team productivity by eliminating repetitive tasks
  • manageHIPAA Compliance with Top-Notch Security
  • manageSeamless Carrier Connectivity
  • manageLarge Carrier Network (130+ carriers)
  • manageAutomated EDI Exchange as Per Set Frequencies
  • manageSave Time, Money, and Resouces by Automating Benefits Communication

Why Choose EDI
For Benefits Communication

Save Money

Stay away from a bunch of companies, paying nearly $25000 extra per year due to manual carrier connections. Stop overpaying by automating your benefits enrollment data exchange.

Save Time

Your team need not deal with the complexity of enrollment data forms. With our automated benefits EDI communication engine, transmit data to carriers smartly and digitally in a shorter time.

Boost HR Accuracy

As enrollment changes are transmitted electronically, the risk of manual data entry errors is reduced significantly. No space for typos, errors, or omissions while all data is preserved.

Secure Data Exchange

Multiple touch points in manual forms is one of the biggest reason for data related errors.EDI ensures secure and fast data flow between the employer’s and carriers systems, leaving zero space for errors.

Stay Compliant

Stay away from any legal worries due to insecure healthcare data transfer. Strong encryption and authorization certifications in EDI ensure employee data sent fulfill privacy requirements.

Enhance Employee Experience

Paper enrollment forms are lengthy, complex and bring problems like data entry errors, lost forms and more. EDI reduces paperwork, saves time and lets employees focus on work.

Looking for More?

Kenz offers powerful HCM tools for complete workforce management.


Core HR

Automate and streamline workforce planning and HR tasks.

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Benefits Admin

Seamless benefits management with employee self-service options.

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Run payroll faster and accurately. Automatic tax calculation, benefits deduction and more.

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Frequently Asked Questions

Here are some common questions that our customers ask before they start using Kenz EDI Software:

With Kenz modern EDI tool, you can send benefits enrollment data changes across your organization in a secure, automated, and compliant manner to insurance carriers. You don’t need to worry about manual data entry errors and compliance issues during carrier transmission as our system manages it all.

Our EDI solution adheres to all regulatory frameworks and guidelines, including HIPAA while exchanging employee benefits and health data with insurance carriers.

Currently, we have100+ major insurance carriers in our EDI network and are looking to add more partners to our network.

Auto scheduler tool automatically fetches benefits data from your system and sends it to your carrier partners as per the schedule set by your carrier or you. You can choose from daily/ weekly/monthly transmission options.

Yes, a-la-carte options are available where you get access to required tools (HR, payroll, EDI, and Ben Admin) of our unified HCM platform.

Kenz EDI solution pricing varies depending upon your company size and unique needs. Contact our sales team at (+1) 510-404-8049 to receive an exact price quote within 24 hours. You can also visit our pricing page for more details

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Our Client Speaks

Kenz is a complete HR and benefits solution with powerful compliance tools and data exchange capabilities.

Erik Zak


Kenz simplifies our benefits carrier communication and auditing work by generating a detailed summary of all EDI transactions.

Brett Knowles


Data compliance is much simpler with Kenz EDI tool. The support they offer is brilliant.

Jacob Smith

United Kingdom

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