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HR Software ROI Calculator

An HR software not only builds a culture of excellent performance and enhances employees’ experience but also reduces training, recruiting, and administrative expenses. Without a powerful and smart HCM platform, companies can lose thousands of dollars on inefficient processes and face serious consequences on productivity. Hence, they implement HRIS software but how to know if it is worth the investment or not? Kenz comes with a simple yet accurate HR ROI calculator to help you analyze the overall benefits of our HR platform and find the total amount and time your team can save.

Companies can easily measure ongoing employee and recruitment costs but some things are difficult to track. As you implement our HR software saving calculator, you can calculate the ROI components of the system. It considers the time, resources, and money you invest in payroll, benefits, HR functions, and other tasks to estimate the return on investment on HR initiative. You can also use it to find how it changed the way you manage HR functions in your organization.

HR Software ROI Calculator

Reduce the time and money you spend on administrative tasks with our HR software.
Use our HR tech ROI calculator to learn the benefits of Kenz and check how much it can save each year.

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Useful ROI Calculators that
Kenz Offers

Recruiter Productivity

Kenz offers this exclusive spreadsheet to calculate the total return on investment that a company enjoys from increased recruiter productivity, which is affected by tools, such as virtual interviews, HR chatbots, etc.

Time to Fill

This unique ROI calculator spreadsheet estimates the return from decreased time to fill open positions. You can use it for time to fill or hire based on your preference and it integrates with sourcing, ATS, and employer branding tools.

Increased Retention

No company can afford to lose the top and valued contributors. Hence, we have designed an innovative HR ROI calculator to help you understand how your efforts around culture building can retain employees and affect the overall business.

Increased Conversion Rate

Any change in your hiring funnels can impact cost per hire and affect your business P&L drastically. Also, a change in the percentage of candidates that apply to your company is important and this ROI helps you understand the same.

Modeling Recruiter Capacity

Do you want to model the capacity of your recruiters? Then Kenz brings to you a framework to calculate and see the number of people a recruiter can handle using our unified HR software.

Decreased Cost Per Hire

Every company wants to find out how its HR initiative and efforts are saving money and time. Therefore, we offer a decreased cost per hire ROI calculator to find how much you save from our ATS and its impact on your income statement.

Benefits HR Software ROI Calculator


Kenz reduces the time and money invested in recruiting new hires and makes onboarding effective. Through virtual onboarding and faster processing, it reduces the time taken by new employees to settle, engage in their work, and ramp their proficiency. We help you save at least 20 hours of lost productivity with our cutting-edge features and tools.


Our HR system automates manual and repetitive onboarding tasks related to workstation setup, team introductions, and software permissions with sophisticated management tools. This drives efficiency across the organization and reduces HR overhead by an average of 5.5 hours per new employee, allowing HR teams to focus on other core activities and help new hires.

Signature Saving

Do you know that approx 15 documents are required during the onboarding process which makes it lengthy and complicated. Our HR software comes with an e-signature feature that saves up to two hours per document. Also, electronic signatures reduce the amount spent on faxing, printing, and copying paper documents by an average of $300 per new employee.

Management Saving

: As per a survey, employees take an average of three unreported PTOs every year which affects overall productivity and result in excess payouts when they leave. This unreported absence can cost $530.77 per year for each employee. Our easily accessible HR portal eliminates such issues by allowing HR and employees to send and approve time-off requests within seconds.

Tasks Savings

HR professionals spend more than half of their day on administrative tasks, such as responding to employee requests, ensuring compliance, entering data, transferring all the information from paper or files to electronic systems. Our self-service portal empowers employees to perform most of these tasks and frees HR teams to collaborate and work more professionally.

HR Software ROI Calculator to understand the benefits of HR Initiatives

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Kenz is an excellent HR and benefits solution that simplifies our daily workforce management tasks.

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Kenz helps us select benefits plans that suit our business and employee needs easily. It helps us save time and reduce administrative work while staying compliant.

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Kenz HCM software lets us deliver a consumer-driven employee experience across the organization. It’s easy to set up and improves team collaboration and productivity greatly.

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