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Boost Productivity and Manage
Your People with Ease with the Best HR Software

Hire, Onboard,
and Delight

Provide a digital onboarding experience with easy document upload and data syncing to ensure new hires have memorable first days.

Automate &
Integrate HR

Eliminate any errors related to manual attendance or leave entries, automate mail alerts, track timings, and approve time-off in a snap with powerful HR software.

Get In-Depth

Use filters to create data-rich reports and charts that let you track and optimize your workforce performance.

A 360-degree HR Software for Small & Mid Sized Businesses


Easy Onboarding

Automated preboarding and onboarding tools. New hires can upload docs directly while our HRIS software takes care of the rest.

Simple time tracking

Approve time-off requests, track time-offs, and sync them with payroll on-the-go. Employees can clock-in/out, view schedules, and request time-offs effortlessly with our simple HR tool.

Robust Analytics & Custom Reports

Monitor key metrics and identify trends related to performance, productivity, and engagement levels across your organization with analytics tools and data-rich reports.

Centralized Data Storage

Store important employee and company documents in one place with Kenz . This makes accessing, updating, or deleting records easier for you.

Performance Management

Automate employee performance evaluation process. Set individual goals for each member. Employees can request periodic feedback, performance reviews, and more.

What Makes Kenz Stand Out

Truly Integrated

All entire platform is natively built, so any changes made in the HR system syncs automatically with benefits and payroll data, making your life easier.

Mobile Support

Our intuitive and user-friendly app lets your employees manage their benefits and payroll details on-the-go with a few easy clicks. Our app is optimized for smooth performance.

Robust Compliance

Our HR platform comes with in-built compliance features to keep you away from any legal troubles. You can also connect with certified HR advisors on request.

Smooth Integration

Our HR platform can instantly accommodate all your favorite business productivity and HR apps via the Flexi-integrator facility.

Secure Data Exchange

Automated smart workflows, secure and seamless communication with carriers in ensured when you use online HR software.

Role-based Access

Provide role-based access to the employee database to a different category of users -HR executives, admins, etc. This will help you secure confidential employee data.

Why Invest in Human Resource Management System Software?

  • Automate HR Tasks
  • Eliminate Time and Attendance Errors
  • Minimize The HR Compliance Risks
  • Streamline Benefits Administration
  • Hire & Onboard with Ease
  • Manage and Retain Talent
  • Get Customized Reports for Better Decision Making

Benefits of Loan Management System

  • Lead management

  • Loan and advance management

  • HR Case management

Achieving lead was never been easy because it involves continuous synergy with agents, marketing campaigns and sales reps. Make sure you're leading this method correctly.

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Economic hardship is challenging for employees. Using a robust loan management system can track loans proposed by employers to their workforce.

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Accessing employee requests is now easy with HR case management. It is the best way to ensure you're hearing your workforce.

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Advanced Capabilities Our Online HR Software

Manage your people effortlessly with the advanced capabilities of our HRIS software



Create custom forms with multiple field types for all information you like to collect and make sure data stays updated in a centralized database. Custom validations and clone forms facility is also available to get things done faster.


Effortless HR Compliance

Keeping your business compliant is not an easy job today! Lets our HR solution perform heavy lifting on your part. Be it gathering new-hires tax info, sending mandatory notices, calculating COBRA payments - we help you manage it all.


Talent Management

Use skills charts during a performance review to track talented employees’ competency. Furnish this skills gap data to managers to improve their team performance and skills. Also, set goals and do one-to-one meetings with individual employees using our platform easily.

Frequently Asked Questions

Here are some common questions that our customers ask before they start using Kenz HRIS

Kenz is a modern, comprehensive HR software solution. We don’t provide an HR outsourcing staff to you, but we do offer top-class tools that assist time-pressed HR departments in your organization with better workforce planning. Even a single person HR staff can use our software to onboard new hires, view people data, manage compensation, calculate payroll, and increase employee engagement effectively. And, it’s just our start.

Kenz HRIS pricing varies depending upon your company size and HR needs. Contact our sales team at (+1) 510-404-8049 to receive an exact price quote within 24 hours. You can also visit our pricing page for more details.

Kenz is a cloud-based HR software that assists you to manage the entire employee lifecycle, from pre-hire to retire. Be it onboarding new employees, managing employee schedules, or engaging employees - Kenz HRIS gives you the right tools and resources you need to build a productive and healthier work environment.

It usually takes around four to six weeks to fully integrate Kenz HRIS in your organization.

The majority of our customers opt for dedicated implementation support, under which you provide necessary data to our implementation specialist, for making your system up and running. The entire process takes around three to six weeks depending upon your needs. You can also choose the self-onboarding option in which you get multiple educational resources and system-wide guidance at every step.

Customizing Kenz is easy. You can set up tailored workflows, approvals, and custom access permission levels. Customers with premium packages also get the company branding option.

Kenz HRIS is a US-based product with customers acrosss the globe.


Customer Story

eLearning Company Amplified its Performance Review Processes with Kenz

"Kenz is a customizable, intuitive, and engaging HR solution with powerful performance management capabilities."

VP of Operations, eLearning Company

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What Clients Say About Our HRIS Solution

Thanks to Kenz HCM that my workforce is more organized and manageable now. We work with a lot of remote employees and this is a perfect tool to manage them and track them. Simply great and user-friendly.

Erik Zak


We are close to saving around $40,000 by switching to Kenz HRIS this year.

Brett Knowles


Managing Workforce is simple and painless with Kenz HRIS. The support they offer is brilliant.

Jacob Smith

United Kingdom

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