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Whether you want to automate staff scheduling, improve time and attendance tracking or control labor costs, Kenz has a single workforce management software solution for all your needs.

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Get a single, secure database for storing all your employee sensitive information. Not only our employee management software secures your workforce details, but also categorizes it as per your custom filters like department, location, and more - giving your complete control in one place. A centralized employee repository also means you can access, search, sort, and rearrange details anytime with a few easy clicks. Move away from lengthy, erratic spreadsheets and paper files to a completely automated, secure, and organized database that scales as you grow.

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Data-Driven Workforce Planning to Keep You Future Ready

Workforce planning should never be a one-person decision game. It should be based on data. Our tool lets you make the most out of your workforce data, uncovering rich actionable insights.

Get strategic with workforce, skill, talent, head-count, and compensation planning and uncover new opportunities to make concrete decisions about your people.

Identify areas or issues in your business hampering overall team productivity, performance, and motivation levels. Uncover trends, driving factors, and root causes to take action before it scales up into large issues.

Monitor and analyze burning cost centers, performance loopholes, and break down your work

Enterprise Workforce Management Software
Features For Smarter Teams

Time & Attendance

Track your employee daily hours, punch-in/outs, attendance, and calculate gross pays while staying compliant with federal and state laws using our workforce software.
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Staff Scheduling

Manage your staff shifts and schedules smarty, send timely alerts to employees via our mobile app, when and where required. Build policies for work duration, time breaks, availability, and more without any manual efforts.
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Leave Management

Our workforce software and app allow employees to easily see their balances, personal holidays, sick days, and more - with minimal effort.
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Workforce Analytics

Give your managers insights and data to make the right decisions related to workforce planning. Kenz enables you to analyze workforce trends, costs, identify root causes and take actions - all in one place.
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Reports and Dashboards

Get data-rich reports having useful insights about employee hiring, engagement, and performance levels across your organization. Pre-built templates, charts, visualizations, and more to help you stay ahead of the game.
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Great Workforce Planning Begins Here!

We offer the necessary tools and support that simplify workforce management.

Automated Workflow

From empowering teams to automated workflows for all your HR and payroll needs, we deliver business efficiency that guarantees your success.

Smart Data Insights

Monitor and analyze key metrics, recognize trends, and make intelligent, data-backed decisions while managing your workforce.

Human Support

We love to become a part of our customer success journey by offering dedicated support 24/7/365. Human support always available!

Manage Your Workforce Better with
Our Complete HCM Suite

Kenz is a one-stop platform for all your HR, payroll, benefits, and compliance needs.


Complete HR

Streamline and automate your workforce management tasks from employee hiring, onboarding, management to retention - one tool for all HR tasks.

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Full-service Payroll

Run payroll in minutes with zero errors. Automatic tax calculations, deductions, compliance, reporting, and more.

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Ben Admin

Simplify open enrollment and deliver benefits your employee truly love with our benefits administration tool made for businesses like yours.

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Kenz Customer Stories

Explore our case studies to learn how Kenz simplify HR and benefits administration in your business


HR and Performance Management

eLearning solutions company amplified its performance review process using Kenz

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Benefits Administration

Edtech company streamlined benefits administration with Kenz

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Payroll Management

Kenz simplified HR and payroll processing for a marketing agency

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Kenz is an excellent HR and benefits solution that simplifies our daily workforce management tasks.

Erik Zak


Managing teams with Kenz is easy as simple and fast. It has mind-blowing features for HR, payroll, and benefits administration.

Brett Knowles


Kenz lets us deliver a consumer-driven employee experience across the organization. It’s easy to set up and improves team collaboration and productivity greatly.

Jacob Smith

United Kingdom

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