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Stay prepared for unexpected employee departures by identifying and developing the next generation of leaders in your business using our succession planning software.

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IdentifyTop Talent

dentify top talent and build your employee bench strength while guiding your teams into the future with our succession planning tools.


Enlarge You Talent Pool

Track performance of high-performing individuals and provide them proper training to enhance their skills and grow your talent pool.


Skill-up Your Workforce

Identify and close the skills gaps evident in your teams to ensure you have the right people for filling up key positions going forward.


Succession Planning Technology For Nurturing Talent at 10x Speed

Trace the best-fit talent at the right time for the right role with Kenz , the flexible succession planning solution. Develop a personalized learning environment for promising new talent to put them in the pipeline for building future leaders.

Proactive Succession
Planning Simplified

Skill Up your entire workforce faster with Kenz . Visualize the strength and weakness of every resource in your talent pool with intuitive skill-matrix charts and powerful visualizations.

Monitor Skill Progress
and Promote Employees

Have a watchlist ready and track progress of candidates in your talent pool with potential to fill key roles in future. Provide targeted training to shortlisted people for faster upskilling.

Capture Micro Data of
Your Future Leaders

People with the right skills and talent deliver the best results. But, it's not just about numbers. Our tool is intelligently designed to track every micro detail of your top talent with leader ability.

Succession Planning Software Features For
Enhancing Your Future Leadership

Skills and Competency Charts

Spot the potential candidates in your talent pool for future leadership through various skill charts, performance assessments and visualizations. Identify unique skills and capabilities of every resource to provide the right role, position and promotion opportunities.

Social Feedback

Provide continuous feedback from team leaders, project managers and HR personnel to your talent pool about their development progress and improvement areas. Ongoing feedback from senior leaders will help employees polish skills and become future-ready for key roles.

Real-time Talent Matrix

See, compare and contrast employee performance in real-time using intuitive talent matrix. Move employees into different talent pots based on their performance and peer feedback. Enable real-time updates directly from managers’ home screen to stay on top of talent planning.

Succession Plans and Talent Pools

Create various succession plans for individual positions, from entry-level positions to C-suite executives, to stay prepared for all scenarios. Manage talent pool and your bench strength with advanced succeeding planning strategies using Kenz .

Performance Scores

Kenz provide individual ratings and rankings to every employee in your talent pool by pulling out their latest performance data and feedback scores. The scores get updated in real-time without need of manual entries to save your time.

Our Unique Capabilities

Smart Analytics

Get smart insights about the hiring, engagement and performance trends in your workplace using Kenz through interactive visualizations.


Get instant alerts and updates about new hires, engagement and productivity levels in your business with our mobile app anytime, anywhere.


Have the flexibility to add new financial services/tools you want to streamline workforce management with Kenz . We provide superior integration support.

Looking for More Than Just
Succession Planning?

We’ve got you covered.


Complete HR

Automate and streamline HR and workforce planning tasks from one place.

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Talent Management

Develop and grow talent throughout the employee lifecycle, from pre-hire to retire.

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Ben Admin

Simplified open enrollment and benefits delivery for meeting employee expectations.

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Our Customers Love Kenz

Kenz is an excellent HR and benefits solution that simplifies our daily workforce management tasks.

Erik Zak


Managing teams with Kenz is easy as “zip, zap and done.” It has mind-blowing features for HR, payroll, and benefits administration.

Brett Knowles


Kenz lets us deliver a consumer-driven employee experience across the organization. It’s easy to set up and improves team collaboration and productivity greatly.

Jacob Smith

United Kingdom

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