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Employee Engagement Platform
for the Modern Workforce

Having an engaged and skilled workforce is vital to help you attain your business goals and outpace competition today. For that, you need reliable employee engagement software to boost productivity and employee satisfaction levels. We understand this business need of yours and has come up with the most reliable employee engagement and feedback software that offers you real-time insights and data to analyze employee engagement and satisfaction level. We offer the best employee feedback software which comes loaded with smart tools like pulse surveys, workflow automation and company news feed to simplify the complexity of workforce engagement.


Our Employee Engagement Software Features

Useful features for engaging your workforce and driving employee satisfaction.

Company Dashboard

Enhance your employee experience and keep everyone in the loop with a single platform for major company announcements, group collaborations, rewards, and more. It also improves collaboration and communication between teams.


Pulse Surveys & Polls

Receive regular feedback from your teams via pulse surveys to track improvements and engagement levels under different programs. Also, collect ongoing feedback from employees engaged in various projects.


Intelligent Analytics

Get in-depth insights related to employee engagement level and spot trends to identify areas of improvement with our tool that applies machine learning and data analytics to offer your real-time responses.


Rewards & Recognition

Our employee engagement software provides insights into team performance engaged in different projects. This helps you identify top performers and reward them with additional perks like paid holidays, digital vouchers, and more.


Faster Collaboration

Go beyond email and allow your team to connect instantly in private groups via our engagement platform. They can share documents, finalize processes, and receive feedback, and more with a breeze.



Everybody likes to get recognized for their hard efforts. Acknowledge your team’s Kenz ments by sending digital rewards or kudos to them. If not, show their names on a leaderboard to inspire other team members.


Real-time Alerts

Our employee engagement software enables employees, managers, or teams to receive real-time alerts about upcoming company events like anniversaries, upcoming projects, social causes, and more.


Training Feedback Surveys

Our employee feedback software is designed to improve the effectiveness of your employee training courses, workshops, or other skill improvement initiatives, Understand training effectiveness, improve learning outcomes, and performance using post-training surveys.


Employee Engagement & Feedback
Software Benefits

  • manageBoost Employee Engagement Across the Organization
  • manageAssess the Effectiveness of Engagement and Training Programs
  • manageAct Quickly upon Real-time Data to Overcome Engagement Challenges
  • manageBuild a Connected Culture and Engaged Workforce
  • manageReduce Unwanted Attrition
  • manageGet Actionable Insights and Feedback At Scale

Why Choose
Our Employee Engagement Software?

Pulse Surveys

Our platform allows the creation of employees surveys so you can get valuable feedback from your workforce and make adjustments accordingly.

In-depth Analytics

Use intelligent analytics capabilities of Kenz to spot patterns across feedback or survey data to identify the improvement opportunities in your training programs.

Real Support

Connect with expert employee experience specialists and HR advisors who will help you drive innovation in your engagement programs.

Kenz More with Our HCM Suite

Kenz is a complete people platform with separate modules for HR, Benefits, and Payroll.


Core HR

Automate your workforce administration tasks to create a productive workplace.

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Benefits Admin

Allow employees to select, compare, and update benefit elections on the go via mobile app.

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Process payroll in minutes with any errors. Automated tax filing, compliance, and more.

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EDI Services

Send benefits elections data in a secure and compliant manner to careers without any errors.

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Our Client Speaks

Kenz gives us ample opportunities to reward employees and make true connections with them. It's a powerful employee engagement tool.

Erik Zak


Two-way communication with teams is much easier with Kenz . It’s our single favorite tool for company announcements and collaborations.

Brett Knowles


Kenz lets us deliver a consumer-driven employee experience by improving communication, collaboration, and productivity across the organization.

Jacob Smith


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