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Automated solutions for benefits reconciliation to control costs of employee benefits, save time, and reduce liability.

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Benefits Reconciliation Solution

Benefits Reconciliation  Solutions

Businesses have time constraints and often face non-standard billing which leads to several challenges in reconciling benefits premium payments to actual enrollment. To address this complexity and maintain correct balance and payments, Kenz offers benefits reconciliation solutions. With precise management of eligibility, payments, and carrier files, we save thousands of dollars for our clients. Therefore, our services are accepted by a plethora of employers and benefits carriers. We promise seamless integration and eliminate worries regarding billing and reconciliation for HR teams, making us a trusted partner for thousands of organizations. Our benefits administration software for reconciliation allows you to take control of employee benefits costs, eliminating overpayments and improving plan accuracy.

Our end-to-end benefits reconciliation services manage everything from gathering monthly carrier bills, handling payments, calculating self-reported totals, and more. You can also compare carrier invoices, check contribution discrepancies, reduce errors, and make adjustments with complete cost transparency.

Advantages of Benefits Reconciliation

Quick Comparisons

You can compare and review employees’ invoices side-by-side to ensure they match correctly without any instances of under-deductions, overpayments, under-coverage, and other issues.


Our unified software ensures that eligibility and billing match the enrollment data reported. It handles the sync-up of the bills and checks correct payments so HR professionals have time to focus on other tasks.

Risk Mitigation

Our benefits reconciliation services eliminate paper-based and manual work, replacing it with an automated system. It reviews every data and invoices meticulously so that correct payments are made to carriers.

Reduced Stress

You don’t have to invest to hire additional resources and set up an in-house team to check premium invoices. Get rid of the tedious and time-consuming task of comparing enrollment and carrier records with Kenz.

Powerful Insights

Get all the powerful and detailed insights related to paying for terminated employees for months following their departure or a worker being enrolled in a wrong plan and ensure that your plan is compliant.

Automated Match

Compare all the data of employees with the one provided by carriers with our easy-to-use software solutions. You can identify overpayments, mis-match, under-deductions, and other discrepancies instantly.

Features of Benefits Reconciliation

Flexible Format

Our sophisticated software for benefits reconciliation process supports varied formats that you vendor can choose to send invoices, such as CSV, Xls, pdf, or txt.


Payment Simplification

You get free from all the risks of invoice payments with our automated system. Our solutions allow employers to make payments securely.


Seamless Integration

Integrating our benefits reconciliation software with your other systems is easy, fast, and hassle-free and you don’t have to face business downtime.

Seamless-Integration Kenz

No Discrepancies

Our experts have designed a smart platform that carefully checks all the payments, audits bills meticulously, reports issues, and resolves them in no time.


Track Historical Data

Store and protect historical data to track any important information whenever required, including billing for a terminated employee, accidentally dropping coverage, etc.

Track-Historical-Data Kenz

Intuitive Dashboard

Kenz makes sure that users have a great and unmatched experience on our platform. Hence, we offer a user-friendly and customized interface.


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