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Billing Consolidation Solution

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Managing multiple carrier invoices and consolidating them into one report manually can be challenging for companies and often result in discrepancies. Moreover, the process is time-consuming, daunting, and complicated. Therefore, companies seek billing consolidation HR services to make the process automatic and faster. It involves a method that combines multiple carrier bills into one report as per your requirements. Kenz is a trusted partner for many employers and organizations, helping them meet their billing consolidation requirements through a modern software system. Whether you want a consolidated report monthly, quarterly, or yearly, we have got you covered.

Leverage our billing consolidation services to avoid the hassle of missed or delayed reports and invest your time and efforts in core business activities. Using our software, you can itemize consolidated invoices to reflect all employee benefits packages and simplify the entire process.

Benefits of Billing Consolidation Solutions

Reduce Time & Efforts

Preparing multiple invoices manually for carriers consumes a lot of time and effort that hampers the productivity of your HR leaders. Billing consolidation through a smart and automated software solution accelerates and simplifies the process

Reduce Time  & Efforts

Improved Efficiency

Along with providing consolidated bills or lines of coverage into one report, our billing consolidation HR solutions also offer accountability, transparency, and visibility into carrier bills. It reduces the chances of missing a bill and allows employers to add various benefits.

Improved Efficiency

Stay Organized

Traditional carrier billing involves a lot of manual and paperwork, making it difficult for organizations to track records and analyze invoices. We help you bring a definite order to the billing cycles, bring all the information in one place, and itemize various benefits.

Stay Organized

Billing Consolidation Features
to Make Billing Consolidation Easy

Easy Integration

Integrate billing consolidation software with your other systems seamlessly to extract information without causing any disruptions to business operations.

Offers Control

Our billing consolidation HR services enhance communication across the organization, keeping all stakeholders in the loop and informed via automated tools.

Versatile & Flexible

Kenz is a one-stop solution for all your billing consolidation needs, supporting different benefits, such as dental, vision, medical, life, etc.

Remits Payments

You no longer have to face issues missing payment dates and deadlines as our system remits payments to carriers automatically within the stipulated time.

Powerful Insights

Get all the latest information and updates for powerful insights to find benefits trends to make effective and informed decisions.

How Does Billing Consolidation Work?

  • Invoice Collection

  • Data Auditing

  • Resolve Issues

  • Approval

Kenz receives a copy of your invoices every month directly from your insurance carriers.

Once received, each carrier bill is audited automatically by the system to ensure that premiums and coverage are in sync.

In case the system identifies any discrepancies during auditing, you and the carrier are instantly notified and issues are resolved.

Get a final breakdown of the total premium due to each carrier along with a summarized report to find the exact amount to be paid.


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