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Carrier Connectivity for
Automated Management of Benefits Enrollment Data


The Health Insurance Portability and Accountability Act (HIPAA) requires insurance carriers to connect with their clients electronically as it increases efficiency and reduces costs. To meet this requirement, Kenz offers carrier connectivity solutions so companies can automatically and electronically share updated information with insurance carriers about employees and benefits using a unified HR system. This streamlined and end-to-end solution eliminates manual processes that are prone to errors and are time-consuming. Also, you avoid all the potential concerns related to employee privacy as the software is secure and highly protected from breaches. Leverage HR technology and reduce the enormous paper trail involved in every transaction and transmit the data with assured security.

Kenz offers seamless and simplified carrier connections that otherwise seem complicated and daunting. Our software solution is easy to set up and maintain and our experts are always ready to assist you if you need any technical help.

Process of Carrier Connectivity


It’s not only you involved in the process but your carrier as well who is already associated with various other clients. So, make sure that you have an edge over others that intrigues your carrier to work with you rather than other big clients.


Examine Technology

The next step is to ensure that you have the right technology in place that will enable you to work and communicate with your carrier automatically. While adopting a software, stay compliant with all the security and privacy regulations

Examine Technology  EP

Write Code

After you have decided what you want to do, it’s time to write the code to get your benefits enrollment data into the federally mandated enrollment file standard, ANSI X12N 834. Follow the unique requirements of your carrier so he can read your data.


Testing & Analysis

Benefits enrollment system is complicated and tricky and you have to be meticulous throughout. Run a rigorous testing process to ensure that you follow all the rules and regulations. In case of errors, fix them instantly and move on to the next level.

Testing &  Analysis Kenz


As you reach this step, it’s time to send the complete file to your insurance carrier that you have been working on. Also, carriers expect to get updated information on a predefined schedule, so verify the same to make transactions successful.



For a complicated process like benefits enrollment and carrier connections, you must document each step to make it understandable. Also, it involves a huge investment so keep it updated and maintained to make it useful.


Features for
Seamless Carrier Connectivity

Easy to Set Up

Unlike manual and paper-based enrollment, online enrollment forms can be set up easily and within a few weeks.

Expansive Network

Connect with several carriers within no time with Kenz that allows instant carrier connections.

Supports Varied Benefits

Our carrier connectivity solutions support all types of benefits packages and plans offered by providers.

In-depth Tools

Get access to smart tools that enable users to review all the files, previously sent data, and compare files.

Better Control

We provide you with complete transparency while your benefits plans are exported to different insurance carriers.

Flexible Solutions

No matter what the size of your company is and what benefits plans you offer to employees, our system will work for you.

Calculate the Costs of
Manual Carrier Communications

The calculator provided below will help you find the costs of manual carrier communications.

How Many Employees do you have Today?

250 10000

Cost of Benefits per Participant per Month

300 2000

How Many Carriers do you use Today?

5 20


$ 3,308

Features for
Seamless Carrier Connectivity

Transmit and communicate the data regarding different plans, including dental, vision, life, health, etc.

Reduce errors that are common in manual processes and focus more on other HR activities.

Set up your carrier connection within 2-4 weeks with our automated carrier connectivity solutions.

Share enrollment and benefits data, such as open enrollment, information changes with your insurance carriers in a secure manner.

Connect with a wide network of carriers and ensure faster response time.

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