Dependent Eligibility Verification

Automated dependent eligibility audit services to spot risks and ensure that
only eligible dependents are covered under benefits plans.

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Dependent Eligibility
Verification Solution

Dependent Eligibility Verification

According to statistics, 15% of dependents covered under different health and benefits plans are ineligible for that coverage. This unverified enrollment costs millions of dollars to employers each year and is a major contributor to the rising costs of health insurance. Hence, employers must identify individuals who are not eligible and remove them instantly. So, how to verify the eligibility of dependents? This is where our dependent eligibility verification services come to your aid. Kenz is designed to meticulously audit dependents, ensure compliance, minimize litigation risks, reduce stop-loss exposure, and save ample time and money for your company. Our automated eligibility audit solutions are easy to execute and integrate with other systems and you can instantly identify errors and forgotten forms.

Run a one-time audit of entire employees and dependents and verify new ones continuously with our streamlined software. Integrated with the enrollment system, Kenz allows you to upload documents, review them, and get support whenever needed.

Process of Our Dependent
Verification Eligibility Audit


As soon as you get onboard with Kenz to verify dependent eligibility, our experts guide you at every step. They work with your team closely to set up the company’s account and give full tutorials to use the system.



Before you start dependent eligibility verification, your employees will get an automated alert about the audit, eligibility rule guide, and verification form. This will give them a chance to check and review their benefits enrollment.



You get access to use Kenz and your employees will need to provide verified documents via mail, fax, or app, and administrators will get real-time updates.


Automated Communication

While a dependent verification eligibility audit is in process, employees are updated about document verification through our digital platform. In case a document is rejected, they will be guided to submit the correct forms.

Automated Communication

Round-the-Clock Support

We allow your employees 24*7 support so they can connect with our experts anytime for more details and clarify all doubts regarding eligibility rules. With the help of tutorials and chatbots, they can seek more information.

Round-the-Clock Support

Final Output

This is the step where employers get detailed reports indicating dependents who are not eligible for benefits and insurance plans. You get every detail about enrollment and verification along with comprehensive results.


Benefits of Dependent
Eligibility Verification Solutions

Automated Verification

Our unified platform is integrated with dependent eligibility checks, making it easier for your employees to answer all the questions and upload documents.

Reduced Unnecessary Costs

Paying for ineligible dependents can strain your budget and result in unnecessary expenses. We help you save over 5-7% of your health plan costs yearly.

Improved Communication

All the alerts and reminders related to status change are automatically generated and sent to concerned employees by our software to keep them updated.

One-Stop Solution

Say goodbye to multiple platforms and systems as our unified system handles everything from enrollment to verification. Our cloud-based platform secures all your data.

Features of Automated
Dependent Eligibility Audit

Easy to Use

Kenz offers an easy-to-use and personalized platform, making it hassle-free to inform your employees about requirements and verification.

Detailed Reporting

Get summarized or detailed reports, communicate eligibility, respond to mail communications, and get updates rapidly.

Document Management

Our dependent eligibility verification services manage all your documents along with providing options to destroy or digitize them.

Ongoing Validation

As you add new documents, we verify all the required documents which include birth certificates, marriage license, partner’s affidavits, etc.

Form Management

With our end-to-end dependent eligibility audit services, we help you prepare documents and get e-signatures for forms from employees.

Complete Planning

Our consultants analyze the requirements and specifications of all employers to offer tailored services and guide you at each stage.

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