Case Study

Edtech company streamlined benefits administration tasks with Kenz .

Kenz Automated Benefits Administration
for Edtech Solution Provider


Technology, Education


Arizona, US

Company Size

150+ Employees

About Client

The client is a learning Edtech company that develops tools to simplify the process of financial aid in the education sector. Its products are used by top educational institutions across the globe to assist students in getting loans, scholarships, and counseling advice quicker, faster, and efficiently. The company is on a mission to increase student engagement, retention, and graduation rates through its powerful suite of financial success products and services. Its flagship product comprises tools and services that simplify college selection, scholarship management, fee calculation, and career counseling for students globally.

The company takes immense pride in its diverse, innovative, and learning culture where employees are continually encouraged to deliver inspiring work. The client has also won numerous awards including the best workplace, fastest-growing tech business, and Edtech leader from prestigious firms (Inc., Deloitte, Gregg Scoresby, Phoenix business journal, etc.) in the past 10 years.

Business Challenges

  • Poor Benefits Administration:Working with PEO partners earlier for HR management was limiting the client’s ability to deliver unique benefits packages to its employees. Apparently, the client was receiving only three to four preset benefits packages from their HR outsourcing partner which were not attractive at all. Additionally, the client was not having dedicated HR resources who could handle the complexity of benefits administration. So, they were looking for a stronger partnership with a benefits technology solution provider who can help them deliver truly customized benefits offering to their workforce.
  • Complex HR: Before Kenz , the client was relying on a PEO solution for managing the routine HR tasks which were quite complex. Navigating through the software to perform daily workforce tasks was time-consuming and inefficient. The clunky interface and disjoint modules of the existing solution made the clients’ HR team hunt for a user-friendly, unified platform with next-gen technology.
  • Technology Support: When the client first hired the PEO they thought of specialized support to run and administer their employee benefits programs. The company wanted to improve upon billing errors, time and compliance challenges evident in the benefits administration. The absence of a market-leading solution with guided support was decreasing employee satisfaction towards clients’ benefits offerings.

Our Solution

“Kenz is more than just a Benefits Advisor for us, it is a powerful extension to our HR team capabilities”

After switching from the PEO solution, the client HR team hustled a lot to find an industry-leading benefits solution that’s easy-to-use, customizable and offers guided support. Their HR teams, talent officers, and CIOs sat together for many demos of top benefits administration software to find the finest tool for their business. Finally, they came across Kenz and trusted it because of its unique features and flexible support options. The client trusted our benefits technology which is innovative and continually improving. So, they choose Kenz to be a long-term growth partner.

“Kenz ’s intuitive user interface with stunning benefits administration capabilities impresses us the most”

Our solution was easy to work with and even easier to integrate with the existing financial and employee databases systems. With Kenz , the clients’ HR team was able to choose and customize benefits packages with top carriers that match their business and employee needs. The client faced zero hassle during system onboarding as a group because of step-by-step guided support.

After implementing Kenz , open enrollment period became stress-free for client employees as they were able to select, compare and switch benefits plans faster with smart system recommendations based on their profile evaluation, past elections, and upcoming life events. Our benefits tool constantly analyzed the cost and popularity of different benefits plans to identify cost-saving opportunities, which were simply absent earlier.


Here are some unique benefits of our modern, unified HR software that helped our client build a better workplace.

Here are Numbers that Speak For
Our Impressive Results


of weekly time savings realized by clients’ HR team because of streamlined workforce tasks.


of the employees were satisfied with the newly implemented HR system.


improvement in HR team productivity after six months of implementation


improvement in employee onboarding time needed because of paperless HR.

Kenz is a powerful and intuitive platform for benefits administration tasks

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Here’s What Our Client Has to Say

“Kenz is an impressive benefits administration tool with all key capabilities you need to deliver unique benefits experience to your workforce”

The client is among the 1000+ businesses that are already using Kenz for streamlining their workforce operations, payroll, benefits, and time tracking activities.

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