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Data Analytics Software to Develop a Holistic
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As the healthcare cost is rising rapidly and the workforce is evolving, you can no longer stick with a traditional and passive approach to employee benefits. There is an urgent need for an end-to-end software solution to deliver a clear and detailed view of employees, their engagement, and requirements. With employee benefits analytics and decision support, you can make the most of the collected data. Kenz has an impressive history of partnering with varied employers. We offer employee benefits analytics software to businesses to help them use real-time and robust data to serve their employees.

The software integrates all benefits data from traditional and non-traditional sources to enable employers to create benefits plans specifically tailored for their workforce. Our employee benefits data analytics system is equipped with data visualization, cohort analysis, and other powerful tools so you can evaluate the outcomes and offer health programs for optimal results.

We offer Best-in-Class Employee Benefits
Analytics Software

Use our robust analytics software as a strategic guide to uncover new insights and create employee-oriented benefits plans.

Evaluate Data

Our benefits analytics use employee feedback to cater to their needs. Leveraging its AI-powered tools to get automatic critical insights, you can find hidden meaning within employee data, such as identifying future leaders, skills gaps, and signs of disengagement.

Review Workforce

Using our software for data analytics, HR teams can gather and connect data throughout the employee lifecycle, from the time they joined the company to the day they leave. Hence, your workforce planning, job specifications, and resource allocation will be based on evidence.

Understand Demands

Our analytics software goes a step ahead of big data and uses advanced statistical and predictive analytics to help you. You can logically understand the next steps to be taken and their impact on reducing attrition, enhancing performance, and taking the business forward.

Employee Benefits Data Analytics
for Meaningful Insights

As a trusted employee benefits analytics software solutions provider, we follow a stringent and methodical approach to discover hidden patterns.

Actionable Data Insights

You don’t need a tech-savvy or an expert to use our software solution and evaluate data. This easy-to-use and simple benefits analytics software is accessible to everyone and not just a specific person with technical expertise. It helps HR to convert billions of data into actions without help from the analytics team.


Engagement Analysis

Using advanced features, the software evaluates HR data to find what’s engaging people at different levels of the employee lifecycle in the organization. Thus, you can understand what matters to them and drive them to work harder, and enhance their experience. You can measure the engagement level starting from onboarding to their exit.


Logical Decisions

You don’t have to make decisions based on guesswork or gut feeling. Employee benefits analytics software eliminates the guesswork done for hiring, retaining, and developing employees and delivers more logical methods to manage their performance. No need to use past experience to make choices but utilize facts and data for informed decisions.


Optimized Benefits

Along with analyzing the key drivers of retention, engagement, and performance, you can use analytics to study employee benefits programs as well. Get all the information you need in one place, such as what employees prefer about the plans, their experience, and opportunities they seek for growth. Shape their rewards and management systems accordingly.


Analyze Exit Drivers

Similar to how a few tools motivate employees to stay in a company and work dedicatedly, other factors drive them to leave the organization too. Our accessible dashboard and predictive analytics will allow you to study the data and find things that must be fixed, be it skill gaps, toxic work environment, or misallocation of resources.


Capabilities of Our Benefits Administration Services

  • Simplified Experience

  • Integrated Technologies

  • Strategic Advisory

  • Decision Support

Simplified Experience

Whether your employees have technical skills or not, our benefits administration software is easy to use. They can use it as a mobile app or access the website to manage their plans and update personal information.


Integrated Technologies

Our employee benefits analytics is easy to integrate with your existing systems. You can seamlessly connect it with your HR, payroll, and other financial systems to ensure security and accuracy.


Strategic Advisory

If you are looking for assistance to understand what plans to offer to your employees, how to drive engagement, or what attracts them, then our team is here to help collect data and get a better insight into their behavior.


Decision Support

Whether you want to analyze employee data to increase performance or introduce better benefits plans, use our decision support tools to make well-informed decisions and engage employees with their benefits.


Employee Benefits
Analytics and Decision Support

Kenz provides a clear and better view of the employee
population to help everyone involved experience better outcomes

  • manageTools to Get Critical Insights: Use our employee benefits administration software and analytics solution to measure how well your benefits plans are doing, what strategies to adopt for improvement, and how to gain competitive advantage. Kenz delivers vital employee metrics related to their engagement, decisions, enrollment preferences, and more.
  • manageInformed Decisions: We offer all the help that your employees need to analyze various benefits plans and choose the best one. From suggesting the benefits coverage to meet their family needs to recommend cost-efficient schemes, our all-inclusive software has got it all. It lists all the features of various plans, compares them, prepares personalized ranking, and shares usage scenarios.

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