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Food & Beverage Company Created a Strong, Engaged Company Culture with Kenz


Food &

Company Size

300 Employees


About Client

Founded in 2008, the client is a California-based food and beverage company that provides a wide variety of clean, organic, and healthy food to its customers across the country. The company targets fitness enthusiasts, sports players, and gym-goers who are looking for high-quality, protein-rich organic products for getting healthy and active. The company has around 300 employees and all of them are committed to building food products that make people healthier while keeping environmental sustainability goals in mind.

The client has won numerous local and state awards for being the best organic food manufacturer in the region. It has also been listed in the top 10 list of innovative consumer brands in 2018. The client company takes immense pride in its ethical culture where high value is given to doing things in the right way (not just the fast way) without harming the wider society and environment.

Business Challenges

  • Employee Communication: Despite having a strong connected company culture, the client company was struggling to establish positive lines of communication with the entry-level staff. The company got good results in the past because of its employees’ dedicated efforts. But, now they were unable to drive forward the company’s mission because of poor employee connections. One of the HR executives said, “It’s really important for us to create a shared, learning culture for our teams. Our hope is to ensure employees consider our culture and brand in a positive way. ”
  • Paper-based Process: Despise having 300 employees, most of the crucial HR activities were paper-based at the client company. The HR department was still using paper-forms for the benefits enrollment process. Performance reviews at various levels were happening in Microsoft Word, spreadsheets, and Google Docs. Another area where the company was lacking seriously is payroll. It was taking nearly 3 days for the accounting department to process payroll. All of this was inefficient and cumbersome for the HR team.
  • Poor Company Culture: The employees at the client location were using PEO’s system to check their pay stubs and not anything else. The company has no effective place where they can share all the important company projects and events updates with their teams. They were mostly relying on verbal communication to sort things out with employees. Moreover, there was no proper system for celebrating employee birthdays, milestones, or publishing company policies. All of this was making employees disconnected from the firm.
  • Inefficient HR system: Lastly, the existing HR platform employed at the client workplace was failing to support the human resources department in speeding up their routine tasks. They were using some PEOs system for daily workforce administration tasks. The system had no proper modules for automating the company’s HR, payroll, and benefits. Frequent human interactions were making a huge strategic impact on the company’s line of business. The client company needed the right HR platform to realize its vision. Finally, they came across Kenz , an all-in-one HR platform that streamlined their people operations and helped them build a great company culture.

Our Solution

The story of electing Kenz as the preferred HR solution started when one of the senior HR executives at the client company saw its social media advertisement. Kenz was highlighted as a unified HCM solution that helps employees build a connected company culture. The timing of the ad was perfect as the HR executive was the key decision-maker. He liked the idea of a unified solution that allows employers to manage the entire workforce from one place. Apart from this, Kenz was also rated positively in the other evaluation aspects: cost, flexibility, and speed of implementation by the HR manager of the client company.

The company was looking to save time and money, as well as, the ability to deliver unmatched employee experiences by freeing up their HR teams from administrative tasks. With Kenz , these challenges were resolved quickly.

After implementing Kenz , the client and its HR managers have to spend very little time managing repetitive, low-priority administration tasks. It streamlined and automated HR, benefits, payroll, performance reviews, and employee engagement processes at the client company. Kenz allowed the HR department to communicate important company information to employees directly via the news feed and social wall present in the software.

After three months of implementing Kenz HCM, one of the senior HR executives at the client company said,

“When I first came across Kenz , it appeared an underdog to me in the HCM solution category, but I really admire the fact that Kenz brings a new approach to HR and can easily solve most of our employee problems, which our past systems weren’t able to.”


Here are some powerful features of Kenz that streamlined core HR processes and enhanced culture at the client company

Here are Numbers That Speaks Volumes
About Our Quality Results


time savings realized by clients in recruiting/onboarding tasks.


improvement in performance review processes.


improved HR team productivity after three months of implementation.


improvement in employee engagement level.

“Kenz is Helping us Manage the Entire End-to-End Employee Lifecycle”

Considering Kenz ?


Here’s What Our Client Has To say

“We’re a company that believes in celebrating each other’s wins. For example, our sales team is always fighting for more shelf-space for our food products in the market. And, now that they have a powerful people’s software in the form of Kenz , they regularly post pictures of market displays carrying our company products in the news feed of Kenz and it encourages the rest of the team members. The ability to share awards, company updates, and customer feedback instantly via the Kenz news feed is really helping our firm grow faster and build a close-knit community. It has become a place for our employees to know what’s happening in the company and celebrate great work”

The food and beverage company is one of the 1000+ businesses that prefer Kenz for streamlining their HR, payroll, and benefits activities.

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