Case Study

Kenz Assisted Healthcare Service Provider Modernize its Employee Solutions .

Kenz Assisted Healthcare Service Provider
Modernize its Employee Solutions



Company Size

300 Employees


About Client

The client is a leading health care institute in Southern Colorado, providing critical care services to people in the Alamosa region for the last 10 years. The healthcare firm has created a culture where employee well-being and satisfaction are given priority while providing quality care to patients. The healthcare firm has been successful in the past to promote the values of teamwork, empathy, and honesty among its employees.

Client's HR team was eagerly looking for an intuitive HR solution that lets them communicate important company updates directly to their employees for better coordination. The HR department was using a payroll system already, but it was outdated and has nothing much to offer when it comes to handling employee benefits and recruiting. Some of the other HR challenges faced by the healthcare group are listed below

Business Challenges

  • Employee Communication: Because the client firm was operating in a remote locality, their employees had to roam in mobile clinic vans for providing care in the locality. This means the HR team was eagerly looking for a solution that allows them to communicate directly with employees while streamlining their manual processes.
  • Open Enrollment: The client was also struggling with benefits communication during open enrollment. The absence of an internal communication and collaboration tool was restricting its HR team from educating employees about the benefits coverage options available to them. The absence of reliable benefits technology was also limiting the client from offering competitive benefits options with lower premiums and lower out-of-pocket expenses.
  • Employee Self-Service Options: Most of the employees at the client firm were working remotely and were desperately looking for self-service software options that allow them to punch-in/out, apply PTOs, and check company announcements on-the-go. The mobile clinic staff wanted to receive faster updates about company events but was unable to do so because of outdated HR tools.
  • Compliance: Compliance was also one of the key issues for the HR team at the client organization. The HR team needed a compliance dashboard that provides them instant updates about all major changes across tax, health, and labor laws in the region. They wanted quick alerts for year-end tax reporting, benefits deductions, and more.
  • Poor Onboarding: Finding specialized, certified talent in the rural locality was an ongoing challenge for the healthcare firm’s HR professionals. The HR executive at the client firm said, “We were looking for software that can automate our recruiting tasks and sync the onboarding data with our HR and payroll system. Our existing HR system was unable to integrate with our 401(K). Besides, the absence of a formalized onboarding program damaged our business a lot.”

Our Solution

At the start of 2020, the client’s HR team came across Kenz after seeing its digital advertisements on social media. Seeing its capabilities, the HR team entrusted Kenz to streamline their HR and payroll processes and bring everything together into one platform. The mobile-optimized HCM solution suited the client’s staff pretty well as they got the power to manage their organizational profiles on the move. Be it checking pay stubs, applying PTOs or enrolling in benefits - employees were handling these tasks at their fingertips.

After finishing the open enrollment period via Kenz, the HR client said,

“ With Kenz benefits administration technology, we’re now able to save a lot of time and headache during the open enrollment period. It provides guided support, smart plan suggestions and educational resources to our employees to increase awareness among them about their coverage options in the most simplest manner. We’re now able to connect and engage with our employees better while keeping them informed.”

Further, Kenz also streamlined the recruiting activities at the healthcare firm. Earlier, the HR department at client location struggled to find qualified candidates for open positions. However, after switching to Kenz recruiting and onboarding tools, they couldn’t believe the number of people that applied for their job openings. The senior HR executive said,

“The number of applications we’ve received this year of all open positions in our firm are the highest in the last five years. All of this is a reality because of Kenzs’ smart recruiting tools”

Last, but not least, Kenz also assisted the healthcare HR professionals in overcoming compliance challenges. By using the intuitive dashboard of Kenz, the HR professionals were able to receive timely alerts for furnishing W2s and 1094/95 for tax and health reporting. The dashboard allowed the HR to quickly realize what actions need to be taken.Unlike earlier, generating and tracking I9s became effortless for HR.


Here are some powerful features of Kenz that streamlined the workforce management process activities at client firm:

Here are Numbers That Speaks Volumes
About Our Quality Results


reduction in recruiting and onboarding time after three months of implementation.


improvement in HR team productivity after implementing Kenz.


decrease in HR compliance and reporting-related errors.


improvement in employee engagement levels at the client company.

“Kenz is Complete HR Solution for Streamlining Recruiting and Onboarding Activities ”

Considering Kenz?


Here’s What Our Client Has To say

“Without any doubt, I can say that Kenz is a complete HR software for streamlining onboarding, HR and benefits activities. It is super easy to learn with intuitive design and user-friendly functions. Be it generating in-depth reports, onboarding new hires, or tax reporting - Kenz allows us to perform all key tasks with a few easy clicks. For a firm like us where most of our people work remotely, it automates employee communication with minimum human intervention, which is a great advantage.”

The US-based healthcare firm is one of the 1000+ businesses that prefer Kenz for streamlining HR, payroll, and benefits for their clients.

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