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Kenz Assisted Technology Company
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San Francisco, CA

Company Size

200 Employees

About Client

TThe client is a leading cloud-based enterprise software solution provider in San Francisco, CA. The client company is recognized for its award-winning SaaS solution portfolio, consisting of identity management systems, corporate learning management systems, and so on. It helps B2B clients in improving their business productivity and operational efficiency by delivering future-proof enterprise applications.

The client has also secured a position in the list of 100 fastest-growing technology companies in San Francisco during 2018. It has also received accolades from industry leaders for its learning and innovation culture where employees are regularly encouraged to deliver inspiring work. Because the company leaders were focused on business growth and profitability, the company was outsourcing its HR functions to a PEO for the past several years. However, the company had outgrown its vendor in initial years and was struggling to deliver an exceptional employee experience to its new hires. Some of the key HR challenges faced by the client are highlighted in the below section:

Business Challenges

  • Poor Employee Engagement: Because the client company was relying on an HR outsourcing company, its new hires were receiving welcome packets and induction sessions from the PEO - which were not satisfactory. Similarly, the newly appointed HR staff was also having little control over routine workforce tasks. For example, if an HR executive wanted to make an adjustment to payroll or leave policies, he was left with thinking who to contact from the PEO team. The dedicated reps from PEO were distant and mostly unavailable. The employees were also struggling to access important company information due to the unavailability of a quality self-service HR portal.
  • HR Reporting & Analytics: The company size was growing rapidly and they were struggling to record their new hires’ data properly. The HR team was looking for quick options to report the company metrics to the IRS without relying on the cumbersome support available from the PEO reps.
  • Poor Performance Reviews: As the technology client company was relying on a PEO, they didn’t have a formal performance review in place. Further, the feedback and peer review process was also made on an ad-hoc basis with no prior alerts. The company also thought of implementing other systems for performance reviews while working with PEO but dropped the idea thinking it would not be feasible or user-friendly.
  • Self-Service Options: As discussed, the dissatisfaction of employees towards client PEO services was increasing with every passing day because they were left with little to zero self-service tools. The employees didn’t have an intuitive self-service app or web platform where they can maintain their organizational profiles on their own. Even for a small task like monthly benefits statement download, the employees were required to connect with the PEO support reps.

Our Solution

Once the business leaders at the client company became familiar with their PEO problems, they immediately assigned the responsibility of finding a new, intuitive HR solution to the human resources department. Flexibility and ease-of-use were the two primary aspects that the company was looking for during its software hunt. The HR manager, Claira at the company wanted flexibility in solution but didn't want to start everything from scratch.

And, once she saw the advertisement of Kenz displaying its intuitive dashboard with workforce statistics, she immediately decided to book a software demo. After navigating through Kenz features, she realized that it encompasses almost everything her company is looking for in its HR tool: ease-of-use, customization, and modern features.

After implementing Kenz at the workforce, the HR manager at the client company said,

“Our CEO is a UI/UX design expert. He prefers simplicity and intuitiveness in software. And, in Kenz we’ve got a true ally. The platform on surface-level is pretty simple, easy to use, and integrates with most of the HR tools. Now our CEO loves using Kenz for tracking daily headcount and org charts.”

Kenz also helped the clients’ HR team in streamlining and automating their routine workforce administration tasks. From onboarding new hires to tracking employee PTOs and managing performance reviews - Kenz automated most of the HR processes in the client company. The employees were also able to punch-in/out, switch benefits plans, download pay stubs and important tax documents, access the employee directory, and apply PTOs from the Kenz app itself without relying on admins.

Seeing the employees happy and self-sufficient, the client company owners and HR executives were more than satisfied. It gave time back to their HR team and business leaders to focus on strategic tasks like culture, strategy, and engagement while Kenz handled the administrative duties.


Here are some powerful features of Kenz that simplified HR processes at the client company:

Here are Numbers That Speaks Volumes
About Our Quality Results


improvement in employee engagement and satisfaction levels


reduction in time required for organizing performance reviews and feedback surveys.


improvement in HR team productivity after implementing Kenz.


improvement in employee onboarding times.

“Kenz is a Comprehensive HCM Solution for Building a Productive, Engaged Workforce”

Considering Kenz?


Here’s What Our Client Has To say

“Switching from an average PEO to a full-service HCM platform like Kenz is the best decision that we have ever made in our business. The solution is adding extra value to our business by giving us the time back to focus on things that matter: culture, strategy, business growth, etc. Kenz is not just an administrative support toolkit, it is a key enabler for unlocking rapid growth as it allows us to spend more time with our employees for finding the right business direction. The transparency and the level of honesty that Kenz brings with itself is difficult to find in the work of fancy demos.”

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