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HR leaders often come across sensitive cases that can easily lead to serious implications if not handled wisely. Kenz HR case management software is a perfect solution for such circumstances, allowing HR teams to manage all incoming employee requests and inquiries more efficiently. Rather than relying on traditional and outdated methods, such as spreadsheets and emails, our integrated system enables you to standardize the documentation and respond to employee requests effectively, thereby improving operational efficiency and ensuring enhanced employee experience. Using our HR case management solution, your employees can submit requests easily and check the status of their requests anytime. Our software automatically routes the incoming queries to the right HR person and gives access to the workforce to critical information.

With Kenz, you can create categories and assign groups or departments to make sure that all requests are responded timely. Also, it allows you to add documents, such as URLs, policies, forms, FAQs to provide quick links. Hence, ensuring automated workflow and better case tracking and reporting through a personalized dashboard.

HR Case Management
Software Inquiry Categories

Request Tracking

Do you want to keep your managers and employees familiar with the case? Then allow your agents and staff members to track the requests and check the status of queries that are open, pending, in-progress, on-hold, or closed and make them a part of communication.

On-the-Go Tracking

Case Creation

As soon as an employee reports a query to the HR team, a member will create a new case or make required updates on the existing case. Kenz allows HR managers to check the status of the case and get knowledge results instantly with complete visibility of employee data.

Case   Creation

Service Level Agreement

Use SLAs to allow employees to check the progress of every case while guiding them on actions when a case is not resolved within the deadline. You can define SLAs for each category, set reminders, key actions to be taken, and level of escalations.

Service    Level Agreement

Audit Timeline

Our HR case management software offers complete audit trail capabilities. All the details of a case, such as who did the case, when was it done, what is the new value, etc., are provided to the HR team in an accurate chronological order of events against the case.

Audit  Timeline

Workflow Automation

Kenz automates HR processes which is a key benefit for our users and customers. Experience workflow automation with HR processes that can be configured and automated. Also, employees get quick notifications on cases, hence saving time.


HCM Integration

Get easy access to HR data for employees on a single screen while working on a case. You no longer have to spend hours to look for crucial information through various HR systems and extract data based on employees’ profile and employee that is being viewed.

HCM  Integration

Benefits of HR Case Management Software

Stay on top of your employee requests with our powerful HR case management software.

Employee Self-Service Portal

Empower your employees to submit and send requests with our easy-to-use system. It provides a single platform for your workforce to seek information and find answers.

Enhanced Efficiency

When your employees have a centralized system to report their queries, it adds to their efficiency and also allows HR teams to manage and prioritize employee inquiries.

Manage Requests Better

Kenz manages and tracks the entire lifecycle of employee requests, starting from the first step until the closure whale documenting all transactions for a complete audit trail.

Improved Services

Your services are not restricted to your products but also include your employee satisfaction. We help you gain better visibility into the volume of employee requests for improved services.

Automated Workflow

Automate HR processes with our HR case management system and ensure policy and SLA compliance. This reduces administrative tasks and bings consistency throughout.

Easy Information Sharing

Use our streamlined software system to capture and share information that creates knowledge base articles on common topics and frequently asked questions of employees.

Features Offered
by Our Case Management Software

Assets Record

Use Kenz HR case management software to record tangible and intangible assets of employees, including credit cards, cars, certifications, and cell phones along with other key information to have quick access to the required data.

Service Catalog

With our all-inclusive system, we help you improve employee service experience, reduce operational costs, and accelerate service delivery. You get a detailed menu of all services to choose from along with automation and efficient workflows.


Our HR case management solution offers a simple dashboard so you can improve your HR services and report proactively. It is easy to handle the workload, understand HR services, and access data for optimized resources and better services.


Our experts have designed a seamless software system where you can store files and case attachments of employees for any time, anywhere access. Also, we protect your attachments through automated virus scanning and troubleshooting.


Let go of inefficient and manual methods to communicate with your employees as our software allows mass communication. You can make HR announcements get acknowledgment and responses from employees in no time.

Case Management

Employees expect instant solutions and answers to their queries from HR managers. You can resolve their problems and address issues using powerful features, such as bulk case creation, employee tasking, visual task boards, etc.

Privacy Protection

Protect the privacy of your employees and sensitive information about your company with HR case management software. It complies with all the state and federal laws, data protection, legal hold, and data security policies.

Work Assignment

Transferring and resolving cases manually is not only time-consuming but demands a lot of effort as well. So, we help you reduce this time and effort by assigning cases to the right agent through a smart software solution.

Knowledge Management

We make it easier and convenient for you to deliver consistent, accurate, and relevant information on varied topics, such as workplace safety, employee relations, training, benefits, and more for your employees.

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Kenz is an excellent HR and benefits solution that simplifies our daily workforce management tasks.

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Kenz HCM software lets us deliver a consumer-driven employee experience across the organization. It’s easy to set up and improves team collaboration and productivity greatly.

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