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How eLearning Solutions Company Amplified its Performance Review Processes with Kenz


Online Education

Company Size

150 Employees


About Client

The client, a US-based eLearning solutions company, provides a wide variety of high-quality online training and learning courses to licensed professionals. The company targets professionals from the healthcare, social work, and language translation industry with specialized courses for every domain. Its courses are designed by top experts from particular industries.

The company employs 150 employees (both full-time and remote) and has received numerous local awards for being the “Best Workplace for Women 2020” in the USA. The client takes immense pride in its friendly, learning culture. Its employees are driven by the company’s core values of “transparency and teamwork,” and hold great respect for each other, as well as, the people they serve.

Business Challenges

  • Manual Processes: The client was not leveraging the HR system for workforce management. Their HR teams were mostly relying on spreadsheets, Google Docs, and paper files for managing employee records. This was overburdening their HR teams as they were juggling between administrative and employee engagement activities.
  • Complex System: Later on, when the company implemented a cloud-based HR platform, it was not user-friendly at all. The clunky interface and complex workflows made it difficult for HR teams to train people how to use it for managing their organizational profiles.
  • Poor Review System: The client company also faced difficulty in setting organization-wide goals and performance reviews using the existing HR system. The performance management module of their HR tool was not up to the mark. Managers have to themselves feed the specific goals for every team member, which was pretty hectic and time-consuming.
  • Lack of Goal Clarity: Most employees of the client company were unsure about how they should set up and align their individual goals with the wider company goals and strategic initiates. The client was specifically looking for a solution that allows it to identify, track and measure cascading goals, and provide transparency across performance and productivity levels across the organization.
  • Poor Integration: Lastly, the existing HR platform employed at the client workplace was failing to seamlessly pull the employee goals into performance reviews. Lack of customization options present in performance review modules was increasing the frustration of clients’ HR teams. They were eagerly searching for an all-in-one HR solution with powerful performance management tools to simplify their work. At last, the client’s HR team came across Kenz .

Our Solution

With Kenz implemented as an all-in-one HR solution at the client location, its HR teams were able to save a lot of time in administrative tasks. Kenz worked as a single source of employee record with instant access to important information. Employees were able to store and retrieve forms like W2s, I9s and other personal and tax information in a few easy clicks anytime, anywhere with mobile support.

Not only that, but Kenz also simplified the performance processes of the client company, the area where its HR team was struggling the most. With Kenz performance review tools, the HR department was able to create customizable templates that fit their business. Kenz capabilities were not limited to customized reviews, it also allowed the client to create self, peer, and manager reviews with detailed reports.

The goal cascading functionality of the Kenz also impressed the client greatly as it enabled its employees to input their own goals, collaborate with managers, and finally, align those individual goals with company-wide goals for overall business success. Later on, those goals were used by the company as the base metrics during performance reviews.

After implementing Kenz , the client and its HR managers have to spend very little time managing their performance reviews. They were able to kick-off the quarterly review cycles immediately by using previously saved templates.


Here are some powerful features of Kenz that simplified clients’ HR processes.

Here are Numbers That Speaks Volumes
About Our Quality Results


time savings realized by clients in recruiting / onboarding tasks.


improvement in performance review processes.


improvement in HR team productivity after three months of implementation.


improvement in employee engagement level.

“Kenz is an Incredible HCM Technology Partner for Us”

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Here’s What Our Client Has To say

“Kenz is a truly customizable, intuitive, and engaging HR solution with powerful performance management capabilities. If you fall in the category of small and medium scale enterprises, Kenz should be your preferred HR solution as it encompasses all the tools and resources you need to build a productive and engaged workforce. Not only that, Kenz offers exceptional support right from software purchase and keeps on improving its service - and that’s rare to find these days”

This eLearning solution provider is one of the 1000+ businesses that prefer Kenz for HR, payroll, and benefits administration needs.

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