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Managing and running a successful large business come with their challenges. These competitive companies have to constantly adapt to the change which requires flexibility to evolve and scale. Also, HR teams of large companies have to ensure timely and accurate payroll processing, align employees’ goals with organizational objectives, and whatnot. Kenz is a global HCM platform providing large business HR solutions to streamline foundational processes around HR administration. Our innovative platform will turn your employee management challenges into performance-boosting opportunities.

As a leading provider of HR solutions for large businesses, Kenz is your trusted partner with its team assisting you dedicatedly throughout essential business functions. So, connect with us and future-proof your organization using our cloud-based HR software and solutions.

Dedicated and Simple HR Solutions
for Large Businesses

Using flexible HR technology and tools, our all-in-one solutions will help your business keep pace with continuous changes and attain success.

Engage and Retain Top Talent

To gain a competitive advantage, you must attract top talent in the industry and stand out from the crowd. Our powerful large business solutions enable you to offer more than an impressive paycheck. You can provide them with new learning opportunities, consistent training programs, and 24/7 access to the data.


Stay Compliant

Large companies deal with a plethora of regulations, laws, filing, and requirements that can slow down their progress. Kenz helps you overcome this obstacle by balancing your growth plans with compliance. You get regular updates of changes in state and federal laws, access to local experts worldwide, and flexibility for compliance management.


Effective Solution

Keep all your HR-related concerns at bay with our modern HR software solution. This unified HCM platform uses advanced features to track employee performance, ensure fair appraisals, recruit top talent, get them onboard quickly, and make payroll processing seamless. You can also measure employee engagement and productivity in real-time.


Unique Capabilities of Our HR solution
for Large Businesses

Real-Time Data

Kenz uses the power of AI to convert analytic information into actionable insights and drive performance. It captures data at every stage, analyzes it, and combines it at a common place to predict issues and reveal new opportunities within no time.

Dedicated Support

We offer advanced and modern HR technology to address your administrative challenges and ensure smooth processes. Also, in case of any compliance issue or additional support, you can seek our HR support solutions anytime, anywhere.

Compliance Expertise

Our experienced and professional team of compliance experts monitors all the employment laws and regulations for smooth business operations. We keep you updated with lace, state, and federal laws to help you avoid any risks for breaches.

Adaptable Technology

We offer scalable and customized technology that grows with your business. Whether the change is driven by internal or external forces, we make sure that you are always ready to adapt. With us, you experience a greater level of efficiency and flexibility.

Integrated HR Solutions

Our easy integrations allow large businesses to streamline their complex processes and connect with their thousands of employees instantly. Use our large business HR solutions to share data across the organization and improve overall productivity.

Best HR Platform
for Large Scale Businesses

We design customized solutions that work perfectly for your business and contribute to overall growth.

Single Employee Record

With a single employee record, you no longer have to maintain duplicate data across multiple systems. Know your employees and plan better with intuitive data analytics and reporting.

Seamless Experience

Employees now have access to their HR information on one dashboard and edit the details at their convenience. Get a wide range of tools to set a new level of connection to keep your people happy.


Our team is known for its unmatched expertise, personalized services, and plenty of resources to keep you moving. Connect with us anytime and we will revert at the earliest with the right solution.


Why Kenz?

  • Scalable solution to drive maximum ROI as your business grows and evolves.
  • Serving 3000+ employees with HCM solutions across the USA.
  • Gives you more control and drives success today and tomorrow.
  • Seamless integration with a network of systems that you already use.
  • Predictive Analytics to solve the challenges of the future.

Our unique capabilities

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Kenz is an excellent HR and benefits solution that simplifies our daily workforce management tasks.

Erik Zak


Kenz helps us select benefits plans that suit our business and employee needs easily. It helps us save time and reduce administrative work while staying compliant.

Brett Knowles


Kenz HCM software lets us deliver a consumer-driven employee experience across the organization. It’s easy to set up and improves team collaboration and productivity greatly.

Jacob Smith

United Kingdom