Case Study

Global Payments Solution Provider Streamlined HR with Kenz

Global Payments Solution
Provider Streamlined HR with Kenz


eCommerce, Fintech



Company Size

150+ Employees

About Client

The client is a global payments solutions provider with headquarters in Detroit, Michigan. Founded in 2014, the 150+ employee strength company has a mission to emerge as the leading payments provider in the eCommerce space by offering simple, yet powerful solutions. The company constantly strives to build and deliver affordable, secure, and complete payment solutions for B2B, eCommerce, and SaaS companies.

The client has also featured in the top 1000 fastest-growing private companies in the state of Michigan during 2018. It has also won numerous awards locally for breakthrough innovation in the Fintech space. The client company prides itself on having a learning and appreciation culture backed by strong values of customer-focused, transparency, and agility.

Business Challenges

  • Manual HR Processes: Before Kenz, the company HR department was relying on manual processes for managing their day-to-day workforce tasks. They were using multiple word documents, Google spreadsheets, and excel sheets for employee time tracking and attendance tasks. The absence of a truly automated, streamlined HR system at the workplace was limiting the HR executive’s productivity and performance. They were unable to focus on strategic tasks like talent development and engagement due to excessive manual workflows.
  • Poor Benefits Administration: The time-pressed HR department at the client location was unable to handle the complexity of delivering varied healthcare benefits. Because of the inefficient system, they are unable to choose and deliver unique benefits plans to their workforce. Plus, the cost, compliance, and billing errors were also increasing due to manual operations.
  • Performance Reviews: The payments solution company needed an integrated HR solution with performance review capabilities that can be used on a global scale. They wanted a streamlined system that can help automate their disorganized review process and provide timely feedback to their employees. Since the HR department was already trapped into multiple processes, going to every employee and asking for an update on their performance review was not possible.
  • PTO Tracking: Like most of the other HR processes, PTO tracking was also done manually by the client's HR team using Google docs and spreadsheets. Manual PTO tracking was resulting in costly errors. Managers were required to approve PTO requests via email, which meant requests would get lost sometimes. And, also when the requests were approved, the HR team had to manually enter the data in payroll systems, which further increased the scope of errors.

Our Solution

“From streamlining our performance review processes to automating PTO tracking, Kenz’s HCM platform helps us save invaluable time so we can focus on our people, strategy, and business growth,”

said VP of operations at the client firm.

Before Kenz, the client’s HR department was managing separate components of their operations - mostly manually via paper documents and spreadsheets. For payroll and timekeeping, the company was using Paychex. But, it was unable to provide the right set of healthcare benefits to its employees. So they decided to make a switch from Paychex and manual operations to Kenz. The easy-to-use interface and integrations available in Kenz helped the company streamline its HR, payroll, and performance review processes greatly.

Talking about this, the client’s HR manager said,

“We firmly believe Kenz is an ideal all-in-one HR platform for our growing business. Companies that are struggling with operational inefficiencies can easily start with this platform for streamlining their workflow.”

Initially, the client’s HR team had shortlisted three solutions, including Bamboo HR, Zenefits, and Kenz for streamlining their performance review processes. Eventually, they decided to go for Kenz as it had everything they were looking for: a user-friendly interface, customizations, and seamless integrations.

Besides performance review functionality, Kenz offered automated PTO tracking, company news feed, dynamic org charts, self-service app, and other options - which impressed the client a lot. Everything Kenz had to offer was so perfect that opting for it was a no-brainer for the payments solution provider client.

The client was more than happy as Kenz integrated its disjoint processes into a single system. Be it onboarding, compliance, time tracking, or payroll - the company automated most of its operations with data flowing seamlessly across all systems.


Here are some unique benefits of our modern, unified HR software that helped our client build a better workplace.

Here are Numbers that Speak
For Our Impressive Results


Improvement in time needed for conducting monthly performance reviews.


Of the employees were satisfied with the newly implemented HR system at the client location.


Improvement in HR team productivity after six months of implementation


Improvement in employee onboarding because of paperless HR.

“Kenz is a powerful and intuitive platform for streamlining HR and performance review processes”

Ready for Kenz?


Here’s What Our Client Has to Say

“Kenz is an impressive HR and performance review tool with all key capabilities you need to deliver a unique platform experience to your workforce. It makes employees' and HR managers' lives easier because the platform is so easy to use with self-explanatory features. We are able to bring more and more out of Kenz every day by employing it for most of our workforce administration tasks.”

The payment solutions company is among the 1000+ businesses that are already using Kenz for streamlining their workforce operations, payroll, benefits, and time tracking activities.

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