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Lead Management Software

Lead Management Software

For every business, big or small, leads are important and you need to convert these leads into loyal customers for enhanced growth. To achieve this successfully, you need visibility into sales and leads through an organized system. This is where lead management enters as a systematic process of capturing, analyzing, nurturing, and tracking incoming leads to turn them into new business opportunities. It also helps you connect with them via email, chat, or website to engage them until they buy your product or service. Kenz is an easy-to-use lead management system that manages your leads seamlessly with its cutting-edge features.

Trusted by customers and experts, our lead management solution is a perfect choice for businesses of all types and sizes. Our integrated platform processes all leads that enter into the system and helps you convert them into deals effortlessly. From lead generation to analysis and conversion, we have got it all covered.

Lead Management Process


This is the first step where you generate and capture leads via email, social media, message, or website. With our lead management solution, every lead is automatically sent to the CRM system to avoid prospects from falling through the cracks.



Leverage our streamlined lead management system that tracks every detail about leads using publicly available information. It also helps you find their latest activities on your website, such as pages visited, links clicked, downloaded resources, etc.



Qualify and organize all the leads based on their demographic locations, level of interest in your services or products, engagement, and more. Hence, you can prioritize these contacts and interact with them using historical data and behavior patterns.



Our sales lead management software assigns leads to the right representative across different locations. So, rather than going through lengthy manual processes of searching leads, your team can identify and prioritize assigned leads hassle-free.



Nurture your leads by determining if you can solve their problems through your products. Use a lead management system to educate them and demonstrate the real value of your services through engaging content and promotional campaigns.


Benefits of
Lead Management System

Automated Lead Generation

You no longer need to search for leads and track them as our lead management system capture leads from multiple sources and allows you to connect with them via call, message, or email.

Nurture & Organize Leads

Classify your leads and target audience based on their interests, behavior, geographic location, and buying patterns to improve your marketing strategy and outreach opportunities.

Better Engagement

Understand the entire lead lifecycle and know about the different stages that your leads go through while making buying decisions. This real-time update will help salespeople to communicate seamlessly.

Analyze Output

Get all the valuable and actionable insights into lead generating and conversion activities. Find the best source that brings maximum and quality leads so you can increase your efforts in that area.

Increased Productivity

Replace manual methods with our automated lead management system that enriches and nurtures your leads based on their buying history, behavior, and other available information.

AI-Powered Solution

Your lead tracking and management process is now easier and quick with our Artificial Intelligence feature that tracks their historical data and understands the factors for better leads score.

Lead Management Solution

  • On-the-Go Scanning

  • Conversion to Loyal Customers

  • Automatic Lead Distribution

  • Omnichannel Communication

  • Convert Leads Into Deals

  • Targeted Campaigns

Convert your traditional business card into a smart and digital card to instantly push contact information into CRM. This will help you save all the cards safely on a secure platform and stay updated.

Our lead management system comes with a live chat feature so you can connect with your customers and engage them in the best way to create a personalized relationship with them.

Assign leads to your sales reps automatically based on products, department, and geography. Make sure that your leads are distributed equally and get regular follow-up from your teams.

Rather than communicating with leads through the unreliable platform, use our lead management software to reach them via your preferred mode, such as live chat, social media, or call.

Engage your leads and create a loyal client base with just a few clicks. Our software allows you to take immediate follow-up and convert them into paying customers through effective tools.

Create personalized and effective marketing campaigns and engage your prospects at every stage of lead conversion. Identify strategies that work well to drive higher sales and revenue.


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