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Loan and Advances Management System

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Financial stress is one of the biggest concerns for your employees and you can lessen this burden by offering loans and advances. These benefits offered by employers give relief to the staff members. However, managing such heavy financial transactions need proper management. Using an integrated loan management system, you can now manage and track loans offered by your company to employees. Our loan and advances solutions allow your team to request loans by mentioning all the key details, such as the date of the first installment, loan amount, name, and other information. By offering loans through a smart loan management program that avoids complex procedures, you can ensure improved efficiency and transparency across the organization.

Moreover, your employees can request to postpone EMI for the current month. Kenz’s loan origination system also allows you to approve and reject the loan request from a single dashboard after considering all the factors. See all the deductions for the current month and running loans through our software.

Loan Management Software Capabilities

Digital Lending

Our loan and advances management software covers all the steps of loan lending through a digital platform. All the processes are linked to the backend system to avoid any disruptions with automated data handling and dedicated support.

Digital Lending

Faster Processing

Employees get quick access to Kenz loan management system so they can send requests and get approvals through a streamlined process. It also records all the necessary details of employees systematically.


All-Inclusive Solutions

Our software handles all the events and transactions related to the loan lifecycle. It helps you create and validate loan processing, automate loan disbursement, and handle early repayment or rescheduling in a smart and efficient way.


Easy Repayment

We offer a loan management system with an easy repayment feature for all loans and advances. Allow a series of installments to your workforce and enable instant per month deductions to manage repayments of loans conveniently and seamlessly.

Easy Repayment

Document Management

Make the best out of the template-based and report generation tool that our experts customize according to your unique needs. We have defined reports, document generation, terms of advice in a widespread format.

Document Management

Simplified Categories

No matter if your employees need annual lending, advance salary, half-yearly lending, or seek other types of loan, our loan and advance management system provides a list of all options along with application verification services.


Features of
Loan and Advance Software Solution

Omnichannel Approach

Keeping mobile devices and other common platforms in mind, we have designed our system with an omnichannel approach so it is easy to set up and improves daily routine.

Loan Disbursal

Get rid of manual loan processing and disbursement as our loan management software facilitates loan disbursal via payslips and other separately defined systems based on your policies.

Accounts Integration

You can integrate employees’ accounts with our system to avoid all the hassle of updating information. You can maintain employees’ ledgers automatically using the accounting module.

Loan Auto-recovery

Recovering loans from employees through the manual procedure is tough and daunting. Hence, we offer an advanced loan auto-recovery feature so you can recover loans on preferred schedules.

Advances & Claims

Say goodbye to spreadsheets and paper-based files as Kenz offers a digital and automated system for loans and advances and provides easy access to reconciliation.


Our experts have created a systematic and effective loan management software for employers, helping them configure and authorize the loans that are based on dynamic workflows.

Benefits of Loan Management System

  • Efficient Loan Processing

  • Simplified Procedure

  • Hassle-free Repayment

Our digital loan and advanced management software is easily accessible to your employees so they can send requests for loans without going through a complicated procedure. They are free to choose loan type, date, category, amount, etc.

Offer a simplified loan and advance approval process to your employees with Kenz. They can request annual pr half-yearly lending or advance salary within a few minutes and you can check their lend request history on your dashboard.

Loan repayment doesn’t have to be complicated for employees and employers as we have introduced a quick repayment system that allows a series of installments to employees. Experience automated per month deductions and efficient repayment plans.


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