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As your business grows, so do your HR tasks and challenges. However, most companies lack the tools and resources to perform varied HR functions and deal with increasing complexities. Hence, Kenz introduces mid-size business HR solutions to help HR professionals manage payroll, benefits, enrollment, and more efficiently. Using the unique and value-driven combination of scalable services and user-friendly technology, we enable your employees to become more effective and focus on the organization’s core competencies. Our all-in-one HR platform offers constant support throughout the business cycle, covering all the aspects, from workforce management to compliance and more.

Kenz also assists the workforce to choose the right benefits plans and stay updated while empowering them through self-service options. Seek a host of long-term benefits, such as enhanced communication, improved employee engagement, successful onboarding, etc., with our HR software solution for mid-sized businesses.

Kenz for the Best
HR Software Solutions

Kenz is a well-reputed and trusted name for mid-sized business HR solutions,
offering flexible and comprehensive HR services.

Save Time

Our one-stop solution is specifically designed for medium-sized businesses to help them automate their processes, reduce manual errors, and save time. It updates information, sends alerts and notifications, provides timely information, saving almost 25 hours per month.

Easy Navigation

Kenz is known for its clean interface, single-source database, and intuitive design that improve employees’ experience. It also allows them simple and natural navigation so that HR teams and the workforce spend more time on important matters of the business.

Employee Self-Service

Our employee self-service option enables your employees to access the portal anytime from any place. They can change their details and update the information to alert the managers for review. Also, they can manage time-off requests and benefits from one page.

What to Expect With
Our Mid-Size Business HR Solution?

Analytics and Reporting

You can access the latest HR data whenever you need it within no time. By using standard reports or creating custom reports, you can drive informed business decisions. Through detailed analytics, you can evaluate the situation and get actionable insights.

Compliance Services

Our customized mid-sized business HR software solutions can help you reduce the risk of fines and penalties. Leverage the power of Kenz to stay in compliance with government regulations and laws, and avoid any errors or fines associated with them.

HR Management

With better HR intelligence, identify the trends for effective business decisions. We also help you align compensation with business goals and improve communication to build a positive culture. Our software also reduces administrative burden by seamlessly integrating with other systems.

Payroll Processing

Switch to our more efficient payroll software solution for mid-sized businesses and keep pace with changing tax rates and regulations. With such a powerful HR solution, you can be relaxed that your payroll is accurate and timely while avoiding any errors.

Benefits Management

Our integrated HR software solution for mid-sized businesses allows you to manage retirement, health insurance, and other benefits plans. Kenz also simplifies the process of choosing the right employee benefits plans by providing the right and accurate information.

HR Support

Count on us to address the pressing HR issues and make day-to-day operations simple. Our consultants are always ready to support you at every step, be it resolving a regulatory question or offer relevant advice on HR strategies, feel free to connect with them.

Quick Insight Into the Most FlexibleHR Solution
for Mid-Size Businesses.

Mobile Compatibility

Let your employees manage their tasks with our all-inclusive dashboard that centralizes all the HR functions, including benefits, time tracking, etc.

Payroll Solutions

It’s high time to bid adieu to lengthy paperwork for payroll and tax filing. Kenz offers more accurate and reliable information for faster payroll processing.

Employee Management

Make recruiting, onboarding, and terminating employees way easier with Kenz. It comes with advanced tools that save your time and reduce errors.

Centralized Employee Data

Store all employee data and critical busines details online in one place without compromising security. Say goodbye to spreadsheets and manage employee data the easy way.

Share Data, Superfast

With all critical employee details stored online, sharing data and communicating company policies can be done in a matter of seconds with our document management system for HR.

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Our Customers Love Kenz

Kenz is an excellent HR and benefits solution that simplifies our daily workforce management tasks.

Erik Zak


Kenz helps us select benefits plans that suit our business and employee needs easily. It helps us save time and reduce administrative work while staying compliant.

Brett Knowles


Kenz HCM software lets us deliver a consumer-driven employee experience across the organization. It’s easy to set up and improves team collaboration and productivity greatly.

Jacob Smith

United Kingdom