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New Hire Reporting

New Hire Reporting Solutions

According to federal law, employers need to report basic details and information regarding newly hired and rehired employees within 20 days of their hire date to the state where the new employee is working. Some states require this report sooner. The goals are to support parents who are entitled to payments under child support and to detect and eliminate frauds in government benefits payments. Hence, Kenz offers new hire reporting services to employers so they can report required information on new hires to their designated authorities well within the deadline. Our all-inclusive HCM software assists you comply with all the regulations and play a key role throughout the program by reporting updated information to your state.

Our end-to-end solutions monitor all the events related to new hires, update payroll and HRIS details, generate reports, and automatically deliver notices to your state agency. Rest assured that with our sophisticated software system, you will stay compliant with the Personal Responsibility and Work Opportunity Reconciliation Act (PRWORA).

Features That Make
New Hire Reporting Easy

Quick Launch

Our experts have designed a smart platform using cutting-edge technology and they help you with an easy and quick launch.


Our new hire reporting system works virtually with your other existing software and supports different HR modules efficiently.

Seamless Integration

Once our system is integrated with the HCM platform, it pulls information, formats data, and generates reports automatically.

Auditing Tool

Streamline audits with our smart system for new hire reporting as it tracks all the sent notices and generates reports without manual efforts.

Smart Workflows

Let our unified platform take care of your new hire reporting needs as it automates everything from connecting with employees to make edits.

Graphical Reports

Create attractive, detailed, and easy to understand reports to monitor all the activities and view status without graphical report capabilities.

What to Know About New Hire Reporting

When to Report

Federal law asks employers to report about new hires within 20 days of their hire date and states can choose to establish a shorter time frame than this. N case companies send new hire reports electronically or through the magnetic tape, employers should make 2 monthly transmissions. They must stay compliant with the deadline and other requirements.


How to Report

New hire reporting can be done on a copy of the Form W-4 or an equivalent form developed by the employer. A few states offer an alternate form but that is optional for federal purposes. The report should be sent to the state where the new hire works. To make the process convenient for employers, states accept data via mail, fax, state website, interactive telephone system, and other electronic means.

How to Report

What to Report

The basic information to include in new hire reporting must include seven key elements- employee name, address, social security number (SSN), date of hire or rehire, employer name, address, federal employer identification number (FEIN). Most states need this basic information but some states also request additional data to confirm reporting requirements from your state.

What to Report

Benefits of Our
New Hire Reporting Services

  • Stay Compliant

  • Easy Integrations

  • Auditing Efficiency

  • Automated Workflows

  • Reliable Solution

Our new hire reporting solutions not only help you control the time and resources required in the process but also reduces the chances of non-compliance.

Integrated with our HCM software, the system extracts and reformat the required data to create new hire reports and supports other systems as well.

With our new hire reporting system, you can track all the current and historical events, track notices, and get notified as soon as a report is ready.

Replace all the manual and paper-based processes with our automated solution to connect with employees and update information in no time.

Seek our new hire and get rid of all the worries as our experts handle all the tasks for you and complete the reporting process accurately and seamlessly.

New Hire Reporting Services

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